Purchase Order Obligation and Expense Summary

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The “Purchase Order Obligation and Expense Ledger Summary – GTCR” report can be used to manage Prior Year (PY) Purchase Orders (POs) for all fund groups, but particularly for non-sponsored funds.  Sponsored funds are best managed using the Sponsored Award Budget Expense Report (SABER). 

Due to conversion challenges with prior year PO’s and their associated carry forward budgets, the report is difficult to run in Workday.  Thus, the Controller’s Office will run the report each Monday morning and post it to the website from now through the end of FY2020.  It is our hope that users will be able to run the report in Workday beginning in FY2021.

This report provides summary data by Purchase Order and FDM string (i.e. Cost Center, Driver Worktag, etc.) for all prior year (i.e. FY19) PO’s.  The report is sorted by PO Number, Cost Center and Driver Worktag.  On this report, campus users can view columns for the Carry Forward Budget Amount, Year-To-Date Obligations Amount, Year-To-Date Expense Amount and Lapsed Amount for each PO by FDM string. 

The Lapsed Amount column is calculated as follows:  “Carry Fwd Budget” minus “YTD Obligations” minus “YTD Expense”.  If the Lapsed Amount is negative, you will see an “X” in the “Exceptions” column.  This normally indicates that there is an issue with the PY PO or a payment made on the PY PO.  PY PO’s with negative balances need to be reviewed as most likely an obligation has not liquidated for the PY PO or the PY PO has been overspent.  Users must look at each line of the PY PO because the Fund Code could be different.  For PY PO’s, you can only spend up to the Original Carry Forward Obligation/Budget Amount by FDM string (funding source) for each PY PO.  Any additional charges for a PY PO over and above the Original Carry Forward Obligation/Budget Amount must be funded from current year funds (i.e. FY20). 


  • Contact the Procurement team via ServiceNow if a PY PO has unliquidated obligations that need to be corrected
  • Contact the Financial Accounting team via ServiceNow if a PY PO is overspent and there are questions about how to correct the balance
  • Contact the Financial Accounting team via Service Now for questions about this report or and any other PY PO questions